Are you too old to study Spanish?

Many people think that they can be too old to study Spanish. The reality is, you are able to learn a foreign language at any age. It will be harder than if you learned when you were an infant, and it will be harder if you’ve never learned another language. But the basic principles of learning a language are the same no matter how old you are. Whether you are a senior citizen or a new born baby, repetition, immersion and writing will ultimately be the things that prove to be the Best Way to Learn Spanish.

Repetition is one of the most important aspects of learning Spanish. If you are not going to expose yourself again and again, your brain will not be able to commit the new information to memory. You need to see the same words over and over again. You need to hear them multiple times. You need to really spend a lot of time with these words before you will be able to commit them to memory. But once they are committed to memory, you need to learn how to lock them in.

Complete immersion will help you learn Spanish quickly. If you are repeating your vocabulary exercises and exposing yourself to Spanish on a regular basis, that is great. But you need to force yourself to use it. Your brain stores memories by connections. When you access those neural pathways repeatedly, they strengthen and become easier to recall. This is what immersion will do for you. If you immerse yourself in Spanish, you will constantly access the areas of your brain where you have stored your Spanish vocabulary. Before you know it, you will be able to speak Spanish without trying very hard. That’s the power of immersion.

But the most important aspect of learning Spanish is with writing. This will actually help you lock the vocabulary into your brain. Studies have shown that if you learn a language at an early age, and then move to another country which speaks a different language before you learn to write, you will forget your original language. If you learn to actually write in the language you are learning, you will commit it to memory. So the best way to learn Spanish is to actually practice writing in Spanish to help add permanency to your memories.

If you are going to study Spanish, it’s important that you add all three of these routines to your learning regimen. You want to constantly expose yourself to the different vocabulary words appropriate for you level, immerse yourself in the language, and practice writing it. IF you are doing all three of these on a regular basis, you will be a real Don Juan before you know it.

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