How can you learn Spanish if you dont know anyone who speaks Spanish?

They say that if you want to learn Spanish, you need to spend a lot of time immersing yourself in the language. This is the absolute best way to learn how to speak Spanish. After you have spent an initial amount of time learning all of the vocabulary words, you can immerse yourself in the language and begin committing the information to memory permanently. But what if you don’t know anyone who speaks Spanish? What if you live in an area where there are no Hispanic communities? How are you going to immerse yourself?

There are a few suggestions to help you learn Spanish quickly when you don’t have Spanish speakers readily available. They will all work, but some are better than others. Ultimately, you will want to choose the best way to learn Spanish for you, and it will depend on whether or not you want to know how to learn Spanish fast (for instance, to master conversational Spanish) or if you want to actually become somewhat fluent in the language.

One way you can immerse yourself is to find Spanish language programming. There have been options available on cable television for the last few decades, and the most popular is Telemundo. If you don’t have this network in your area, then you are going to have to turn to the internet to find your Spanish language programming. The challenge with using the cable channel is that there is no subtitles in English, meaning you must have a good understanding of the vocabulary to be able to start making out the words.

When you search the internet, you might find many options on youtube that include subtitles in English. These videos will help you learn and the subtitles will be there to help you if you aren’t familiar with all of the vocabulary. But you are best trying to ignore the subtitles when they are available. The idea is to immerse yourself in the language. You should be able to start learning the meaning of Spanish vocabulary from context clues at this point.

Finally, you can get Spanish language DVD’s of your favorite movies. If you have seen a movie before, and you are familiar with the dialog, seeing it in Spanish can help you learn the language too. When you are struggling through a specific part of the film, you can always turn on the subtitles to learn what the actors are saying. This is a great way to immerse yourself and learn Spanish without having any Spanish speakers available.

If you are hoping to learn Spanish, immersion is one of the best ways to do it. Overcoming the obstacles of living in an area without a Hispanic population is easy, now that you have access to the internet. You can immerse yourself with various types of Spanish language programming, available on cable television, the internet, and DVD’s.

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